OMB Technology Ltd



OMB Technology seeks to exploit commercial opportunities for micro-bubble technology.


The company name is an acronym which stands for Optimised Micro Bubble Technology



As their name suggests micro-bubbles are tiny bubbles - typically in the size range 50 - 500 microns in diameter - less than the width of a human hair.


Research has indicated that micro-bubbles have many potential uses including medical applications for drug delivery; harvesting bio-fuels from algae; improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment (see www.aeration-mixing.com)


OMB has focussed on one particular application - Anaerobic Digestion (AD).




Production of renewable energy is currently underpinned by a number of government subsidies. Small scale producers can take advantage of both the Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive. These incentives together with a low risk profile mean that AD has the ability to become an attractive investment proposition. The difficulty with conventional AD is that capital costs are high and income generation modest. This results in prolonged payback periods and has hampered investment in infrastructure.To date most of the industry effort has focussed on farm waste where suitable feedstock is readily available.


OMB is concentrating on industrial effluent streams that have previously been considered to be unsuitable for traditional AD. Using micro-bubble technology OMB seeks to develop an enhanced AD system. This should result in reduced residence times as a result of improved mixing efficiency and an increase in biogas quality. This together with a scalable modular design should ensure that AD can become a more attractive investment proposition.










Next Steps


The next challenge is to take the results from the Proof of Concept and translate this into a pilot demonstrator. This will provide further detailed information and will inform the design for a first operational plant.


One of the major challeges in conducting the Proof of Concept trials was the lack of any suitable equipment. Following a successful bid for a TSB Innovation Voucher, OMB was able to design a bespoke item of equipment suitable for the needs of the trial.

The equipment is designed to fit into a standard fume cupboard

1500mm - length

800mm - height

600mm - width

The equipment offers a continuous data logging facility. Once an experiment is up and running it can be monitored remotely using a laptop computer

The dual flask system allows you to compare your results against that of a control vessel

If you are interested in either contract research or purchasing equipment please contact:


Malcolm Barraclough

m 07904 933352

e malcolm.barraclough@gmail.com

Anaerobic Digestion

  • AD is a low risk technology
  • AD qualifies for SEIS investment
  • AD planning consent can readily be achieved
  • AD does not displace food production
  • AD investment of £5 billion will be required to meet 2020 targets
  • AD can achieve consistent returns over 20 years
  • AD is not dependent upon hours of sunlight or wind speed to generate power
  • AD is suitable for remote locations where a grid connection is not readily available